Dedicated to the Advancement of Paulownia

16345 Mt. Tabor Rd.
Hagerstown, MD  21740
(301) 790-3075



To join the American Paulownia Association, please print out the form below and fill it out.  Mail it with your check to

American Paulownia Association
16345 Mt. Tabor Rd.
Hagerstown, MD  21740

If you do not have a printer, simply write out the required information on a sheet of paper, and mail it with your check to the address above.

Membership Fees

  • United States and Territories -- $30.00 USD per year
  • All other Countries -- $60.00 USD per year
YES, I want to join the American Paulownia Association.  Enclosed is my check in US Dollars.  This entitles me to membership for one (1) year, a subscription to the newsletter, a membership card, discount to the annual convention, and access to the Association data archives and publications at duplication cost.  Remember, renewal for membership is due February 1st of each year.

Name ________________________________________

Address  ______________________________________

City, State, ZIP  _________________________________

Telephone Number ______________________________

Date  _______________     Referred by _____________________


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