The Paulownia Tree

Nativeto North America

Learn about the versatility of Paulownia and evidence that it is a pre-historic, native species in North America

How is it grown?

From one year of growth to a 36" tree Transparent play button (rectangle)

Where is it used?

What Is Made From Paulownia? Transparent play button (rectangle)

Paulownia Wood

OtherNovel Uses

Plasticized wood, fishing lures, biochar, and game calls - learn about the many novel uses being found for Paulownia

Our Members

Membership in the American Paulownia Association is open to anyone. Our members cover a wide range of Paulownia interests including: paulownia growers; timber buyers and sellers; lumber buyers and sellers; consultants who will assist with plantation establishment, management, and timber harvesting and marketing; and providers of seed, plantlets and root cuttings. Users of paulownia wood include: makers of musical instruments; manufacturers of products in the areas of water sports and snow sports; and paulownia wood carvers.


Do you offer paulownia-related services? Or would you like to find consultants who can help you grow and/or market your paulownia trees? Are you looking for a source of paulownia wood, paulownia seeds, or paulownia propagation stock? Or would you like to find out who is creating beautiful and useful products from paulownia? Then become a member today to have full access to the member listing page. Premium and Corporate members have the added capability of choosing one or more areas of services and/or products that they offer in order to most clearly inform other members who view the member listing page.