The Association


The American Paulownia Association, Inc., was organized and developed through the joint efforts of the University of Tennessee and the University of Kentucky Extension Services, and interested individuals willing to contribute. The Association was formed in November, 1991.


The American Paulownia Association is dedicated to the advancement of Paulownia as a forest/agricultural crop in the United States. The purposes of the organization are as follows:

  • To advance the science, technology, education, and practice of the Paulownia culture (Paulownia spp.) including planting, management and utilitzation
  • To discuss, disseminate, and exchange the latest information and ideas concerning Paulownia and propagation materials
  • To encourage landowners to plant, manage, and harvest Paulownia by the best known techniques
  • To use knowledge from research and experience to benefit society
  • To encourage production and marketing of Paulownia for a profit
  • To promote Paulownia and Paulownia products in the domestic and export markets
  • To publish and distribute a news bulletin.


The Association sponsors annual meetings with Universities and other sponsors to mesh the experiences from Association members with academia and market service providers to sustain the rapid development of a superior grade and quantity of marketable timber to fill the needs of future generations of wood product users.


  • The Executive Committee elects officers at the annual membership meeting preceding each annual conference.
  • The Communication Committee -- publishes the Association's newsletter to provide the most up-to-date information on current events eaffecting Paulownia production and marketing as well as allow the exchange of ideas and experiences of Association members.
  • The Marketing Committee monitors current log and lumber prices and explores possible new uses for Paulownia wood.
  • The Research Committee experiments and assembles data to be shared by Association members to aid in the production of Paulownia timber.

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Benefits of Membership

Join the Association to receive discounts on conference registrations, training classes and items available for purchase from the Association. Corporate-level members may also advertise on our site (an additional fee applies). Members also have access to the members-only photo gallery on our site.

Help Grow the Market for Paulownia

The Association has no salaried employees. Your dues income goes toward helping the Association to promote awareness of the Paulownia tree and to help grow the market for the use of Paulownia.